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BiteCon 2014: Day 3
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make me chooseforthesakeofyourwolvelihood asked: derek’s feelings for stiles or stiles’ feelings for derek


derek hale + knowing how to make an entrance

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You wash up on a deserted island alone.  sitting in the sand is a box.  What is in that box?

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agents of shield: a serious show about serious agents going on serious missions together

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Agent Phillip Coulson?

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#STILL SCREAMING #because this was everything #EVERYTHING #melinda may walking away from her team and calling her /mom/ #who happens to be a retired secret agent #and that snark in the beginning #she may be actual adult agent melinda may but she will still say thank you to her mother thank you very much #and her mother being the first person to outwardly acknowledge may crumbling - ‘that bad huh?’ #because this is who she’s always been: brave and smart but also stubborn enough to walk miles and miles in the snow and wilderness #too stubborn to ask for help unless she really needs it #but they don’t linger on it - they get down to business like the badass agents that they are #what do you want to bet that they had a massive argument about may choosing shield over her mother’s agency #and her mom used her security clearance to vet melinda’s bosses and colleagues and mentees #has a certain fondness for maria in particular #because like melinda she’s bright and confident and takes no bullshit #things have probably been strained for years after bahrain #so when melinda calls and (finally) asks for help she comes to get her #gives her what she needs #gives her someone to trust #this is all so important to me #on a personal level: the joy luck club connection kills me #as does the fact that tsai chin also played cristina yang’s mom on grey’s #and just imagine melinda and cristina being siblings oh my gosh #aos spoilers #melinda may #mamma may

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this is my prayer for you (or three times grant and jemma had a baby)


Mack requested another ‘so many times’ fic and I went YES GOOD FLUFFY THINGS. And then, as my sister pointed out, I apparently am not capable of writing fluff without just a touch of angst thrown in, because… I don’t know. I guess we’re all just feeling angsty? I did my best. Sorry.

(Also, quick request. I know not everyone will be crazy about the names I picked, which is totally fine. Just be kind? It took me ages to pick them. Like… all of April I spent trying to decide what they’d pick and if they’d go together and ugh…)

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