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You’re my best friend, okay, and I need you. Scott, you’re my brother.



Internalized ableism is a significant part of Lydia’s character, and if Teen Wolf had a better track record with mental health issues I’d love to see this explored by canon.  (I don’t really trust the writers with this topic though.)

I’ve seen a lot of meta about Lydia’s character development since season one, about how she shed her “vapid popular girl” persona and is now owning her intelligence to the fullest.  But I haven’t seen so much about this side of Lydia.  There’s a big part of Lydia that is still very concerned with appearances, and she knows the stakes are higher now.  It isn’t about crafting the perfect persona for school anymore, it’s about whether or not other people are going to take her seriously as a human being. 

Lydia knows that being crazy means people stop listening to you.  They write you off, they second-guess anything you have to say, disregard your emotional needs, and stick you in an institution when they get tired of dealing with you personally.  She has at least one institutionalized relative that she knows of, and she knows that these things run in families, but that won’t be her, that can’t be her, she won’t be like that, she’ll make sure of it.  (Except she knows, in some corner of her mind, that she is crazy according to her own understanding of what “crazy” means, and this knowledge terrifies her.)

Lydia’s terrified that she isn’t in control of her own mind, and she’s terrified that if she admits this it will completely discredit her.  She hates not knowing how her banshee powers work.  She doesn’t want to lose credibility with her friends, she doesn’t want to be the weak or needy one, she doesn’t want to be seen as unreliable, unstable, deranged, unhinged, incompetent, all the other things that “crazy” probably means to her.

So she relishes the things she can control, like her appearance, her intellect, and her relationships with boys.  She feels triumphant when Allison, Scott and Stiles experience their post- ice bath hallucinations because to her it means she’s “not the crazy one anymore”.  She also distances herself from Meredith.

She’s probably especially afraid to get too close to Meredith, even though Meredith, as the only other banshee she knows, has knowledge and experience that Lydia desperately needs.  She can’t risk getting too close, because she doesn’t want to dwell on the similarities between them, doesn’t want to be associated with Meredith, doesn’t want other people to conclude she’s “crazy” too and start treating her the way they treat Meredith.  So she takes out her frustration on Meredith, she loses her temper and makes biting ableist comments.

Lydia has a lot going on with her mental health.  She has her PTSD from Peter, her grief over Allison, her frustration over her abilities as a banshee, the stress of being on the deadpool and fearing for her life and the lives of her friends.  On top of that, a lot of Lydia’s inner turmoil seems to be compounded by her internalized ableism.  I would really like to see her confronting her beliefs about neurodiversity and mental illness.  Learning that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to have needs that differ from other people’s, learning how to seek out support rather than isolating herself.  It would be a really good source of character growth for her, and an important message for viewers too.

It’s always funny, how characters on this show can make so damn much sense. Everything going on inside Lydia, and her reactions to everything, make so damn much sense. The show just has no idea how to deal with any of it, what to do with it, or how to treat what they’ve created now that they’ve got it.

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"can you imagine the faces their children could make" (X)

n-no~ /sobbing



In my headcanon the sheriff would love whatever Stiles would present him as a grandchild.

(original grandthing made by spaggel I just borrowed it)



I was crying about this at work today and Spag had to send me fucking this:

"yeah, can you imagine first seeing him?"

And so, Stiles and Derek are not ready for parenthood and are totally freaked out by their weird son:

Derek’s quiet for a long time, staring blankly, before he eventually offers, “This isn’t what I expected.”

Stiles frowns down at the baby in his arms. “I know, right? They won’t take it back; I already asked.”

Derek leans over him, peering down at the weird little face. It’s unsettling how thick the baby’s eyebrows are. “Are babies born with teeth?”

"Not usually," Stiles replies. “His grody little snaggletooth is creeping me out."

"His everything is creeping me out,” Derek retorts, dropping into the chair at the side of the bed. “I’m pretty sure this is because you got possessed by that demon.”

"Aw, hell no," Stiles argues. “That thing was in me for like five minutes, tops. This thing - ” he nods toward the baby in his arms ” - you don’t absorb this kind of evil in five minutes. This is like ten years possession minimum.”

"What are we going to name him?"

"Beats me. Calling him after your dad seems kind of disrespectful to your dad, doesn’t it?"

Derek sighed heavily. “He probably would have found this hilarious. I told you my family’s cursed.” He squinted over at Stiles. “You sure it’s even a boy?”

"Dude, I’m not sure it’s even human,” Stiles replies. “Seriously, how come shit like this always happens to us?”

"Because the universe knows we’ll grin and bear it," Derek sighs again. “You sure we can’t send it back?"

"No," Stiles grumbles discontentedly, and straightens as his father steps into the room. He cradles the baby protectively to his chest; even if the thing’s weird as hell, it’s still his. “Whoa, Dad, before you pull out your gun and shoot the baby, I can promise you, with about ninety-percent certainty, that I did not give birth to a cave beast, even though it may look that way. And maybe this is our fault because Derek’s so fricken possessive of his jizz and refused to use a surrogate so we had to resort to black magic and give me a magical womb - so actually this is Derek’s fault, really - this is your grandson. Probably. We’re not too clear on the gender right now.”

The sheriff sighs, as he so often does when confronted with his son’s verbal onslaught, and holds out his hands, a silent give me the child. Stiles puckers his mouth and hands over his son and watches the sheriff’s face cycle through several emotions, ending, bewilderingly, on happiness.

"He’s beautiful,” his father croons, and Stiles looks over, bewildered, at Derek, who mouths He’s not lying. He looks just as perplexed as Stiles. 

"Just wait until Melissa sees him," the sheriff says cheerfully, pulling his phone out of his pocket and snapping a picture.

"Yeah," Stiles agrees slowly. He’s already regretting having shown his father how to use the camera on his phone. “Just wait."

Newly Grandpa’d Stilinski show’s pictures of his most PRECIOUS OF ALL GRANDCHILDREN to who he’s interrogating so that if they look at the face of SUCH AN ANGEL they’ll confess and lead a good life.  


Sorry, Spag, if the first one was stupid, then this one’s just idiotic. I’m going to bed. This is your fault.

They name it Herald. It was supposed to be Harold, after Derek’s grandfather, who Derek says was a weird old man and Stiles says that’s fitting, then, but Stiles was asleep when it came time to fill out the birth certificate and Derek couldn’t remember how to spell Harold, so he sounded it out. 

So their kid’s name is Herald, but mostly they call him It. They don’t tell him it’s because they didn’t even know if he was human when he was born because he may be a little weirdo, but he’s their little weirdo, and they don’t want to stunt his mental health. Stiles almost tells him it’s because they loved The Addams Family, but then he thinks about how Cousin It was a weird thing covered in hair and maybe that’s not a great comparison. 

It creeps them out. He is unnaturally silent, always with this bucktoothed little smile on his face that makes Stiles sure that he and Derek are going to be killed in their sleep. Stiles distinctly remembers playing hide and seek with him when he was young, Stiles and Derek crammed together in a cupboard and Derek mumbled, “I can’t hear his fucking heart,” and then It’s creepy little eye was pressed up to the crack in the door like the killer in a slasher fic and Stiles screamed like a little girl. 

Still, they’re sad when he grows up and heads off to college. He’s still creepy; he’s got bad skin and his heavy eyebrows almost touch in the middle, but they kiss him on the forehead and say “We’ll miss you!” which is probably true. And when he drives off into the battered Jeep, Stiles says to Derek, “I think we just unleashed a hellion unto the world,” and Derek says, “Too late now.” And Stiles does miss him, up until a few days later when he goes to clean It’s room and finds a box of desiccated frog corpses under his bed. 

They don’t hear from It that often, which isn’t unusual, nor unexpected. One time they lost him for a few days and Stiles found him sitting in the attic, perfectly still. He said he’d been counting heartbeats and neither of them really wanted to ask whose. Still, they miss him. Probably.

One morning Stiles goes downstairs and there’s a stranger standing in the living room. It’s near Christmas and he has a vague idea that It should be coming home soon, but he is not prepared for the sight of a handsome young man standing next to the Christmas tree. Stiles screams. 

"That’s It," Derek says from behind him. 

"Oh my god," Stiles says. “Where’d our ugly little boy go?" He’d told It once not to worry about his looks, that everyone starts out awkward. Look at your dad, Stiles said, pointing Derek. He had to grow into those stupid buck teeth and big ears, and It had turned his eyes on Derek and didn’t blink for five minutes. Stiles hadn’t really believed that It would ever, uh, grow into himself, but it appears he was wrong, because his weird kid has turned into a GQ model. “Just like his dad," Stiles says out loud, and Derek pushes him down the stairs. 





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Stiles & Derek + worrying about their families

the more i try to get to you, the more we crash apart.

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Chris, is that you?


So I was rewatching 4x02 and was suddenly hit with a case of deja vu, which promptly spiralled me into looking closer at Chris Argent in season 4.

I know someone else has already pointed out (I don’t remember who, claim your find if you see this!) that when Chris “badassed” himself into that…