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Murder, He Wrote by mklutz {}

Stiles can’t help but trace the line from Derek’s broad shoulders to his waist as he walks away. Derek Hale was five-odd years older than Stiles, gorgeous and soft-voiced and totally out of Stiles’ league. Frankly, he was probably out of everyone’s league. What Derek was doing working as a deputy in a small town was something of a mystery.

“You going to gawp at my deputy all day or are you going to inappropriately tag along on a police investigation?” his dad asks, tapping him on the back of the head.

Chris Argent + facial hair

What are your thoughts on the codes to the dead pool representing a Hunter, Werewolf, and possibly Emissary? That's the first thing that came to my mind. I'm not sure if the third key would be Jennifer or Stiles. It reminds me of keeping balance (which could be a motive for the Benefactor) and how the werewolves use similar montras "Alpha, Beta, Omega" and now "The Sun, the Moon, the Truth" to center their inner balance. I think balance is an important theme this season, so does it click?







I think you’ve cracked it

it’s dead representatives of the three factions in the war, the most recent fatalities

we talk over and over about the hale/argent war but for the most part we’re inside it’s bounds, and rarely look at it from the outside, but these are people who were killed as part of the war

even jennifer, she was clawed by kali as part of deucalion’s grab for power which was caused by gerard

in which case it’s a punishment, and Satomi’s chant might be exactly it, the sun, the moon and the truth, the hunters, the werewolves and the emissaries

but truth is subjective remember, truth is rarely fact, you can believe something blatantly wrong and it’s still true, so the “truth” of the emissaries might be as nebulous as the werewolve’s association with the moon

Okay, I’m going to be EXTREMELY fanciful for a moment, but God, can you even imagine:

They theorize/figure out that the third name is a deceased emissary. So it has to be Jennifer, right? But it isn’t.

Then they remember that her name as an emissary was Julia, so they try that. Again, nothing.

So then they’re stumped. Who else could it be? Then Lydia’s powers finally come through, and she hears the name.

Hesitant, unsure, she types it in: Claudia.


That would be a GREAT theory. One thing they didn’t have in common is what they were, and that may be..the thread connecting them. They’ve done this before, with the sacrifices, for instance.

That’s exactly what I was writing in my meta this week about the episode! I definitely think that it is hunter, werewolf, emissary.
we say time and time again about what is seen vs what is presented and I think this is exactly one of those moments. We are having these mantra chants almost shoved down our throats by various people. And then to find out that the lost is three fold I don’t think that could possibly be a coincidence. I had said about it being Jennifer because I agree with a lot of the meta saying that Malia could possibly be her or that Jennifer is still around. However I love the addition of the thought that it would be Claudia’s name. I mean holy heartbreak. And for everyone to finally realize stiles is more than he says he is or what they think he is.

Well if they dwell into this in the next episode of the 3rd keyword being Jennifer it would kind of make sense… not just because of the hunter, werewolf, emissary thing but also because Haley Webb (who played Jennifer) will be on Wolf Watch next week and we haven’t seen her since season 3a soo… it would be interesting to have a guest who hasn’t been on the show in a while make a “random” appearance on the talk show… so her name could very well be the 3rd keyword

there is a double whammy there

because it means it’s peoples stiles was responsible for, or at least feels responsible for, killing

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