I read that tag and decided to draw this because I’m tired of the comparison…
*sterek relationship changed over time. they went from hate to trust.
*stalia went from not knowing each other, to sex in a mental hospital, to dub-con…

Don’t scare me like that…

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oh, how the ghost of you clings




#well well well would you look at that  #male model derek hale  #the other model couldnt make it to the shoot for whatever reason  #and since its a pretty risque shoot everyone was rushing to find a replacement bc deadlines #and stiles is intern-assistant-slave of the main photographer  #he hears them talking about it during the lunch break standing around the catered food table stuffing his face with those mini burgers bc why is nobody else eating them fuck  #the other model was supposed to openly grope derek hales genitalia and stiles just flails looking ridiculous with at least 2 mini burgers in his mouth  #i volunteer as tribute peter please let me fill in i know im not as hot as derek but we can make him the focus ok i’ll just stand behi—  #just wash your hands for the love of god   #derek just rolls his eyes but when peter looks at him to confirm he just kind of shrugs and nods  #stiles freaking out bc male model derek hales genitals will be in his hands  #*queue 50k multichap about wannabe photographer stiles and male model derek hale*  #stiles  #derek  #oops i ficced  #these tags gave me hell fuck  #yall better appreciate (via sterekpornlookalikes)

BECAUSE THAT SHOULD TOTALLY BE A FUCKING THING. Those fingers are totally long enough to be Stiles you guys. Totally.

Yeah, the hands and forearms are actually pretty close to DOB.


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Sterek AU - Perfect Lighting

Derek rarely felt he had it, but early that morning, as the sun rose against the gloom of the overcast sky, the atmosphere in his room was amazing and the lighting was absolutely perfect.

He quickly reached for his camera.

The boytoy he brought home last night was still curled up in bed, sheets barely covering his nude body, and Derek decided he’d make a nice subject.

"Stiles," he cooed softly. "Look this way."

The tattooed youth stirred, yawning and stretching. “What time is it?” he grumbled. “Do you have coffee?”

"Look here," Derek stated once more.

Stiles rubbed his eyes before tilting his head to the camera.


After the photograph had been taken, Stiles slowly smiled up at him. “Something to remember me by?” he chuckled sheepishly.

As Derek continued clicking away, eye pressed to the view finder, he replied, “The lighting is phenomenal in here this morning. These are going to turn out great. I can give you a copy if you’d like.”

Stiles shrugged before propping himself up on his elbows. “That’s cool. But why don’t you put that away and come back to bed. It’s too damn early for this and you kept me up way too late.”

"You weren’t complaining at the time." Derek grinned as he sat the camera down. Crawling over the top of his plaything and settling between the boys thin legs, he kissed Stiles sweetly. Their tongues tasted one another’s, lips melted together, but he paused to offer, "I was thinking maybe we could go out for breakfast. Have an actual conversation since we didn’t talk much last night. We have pretty good chemistry and I decided I’d like to get to know you."

"Oh really?” Stiles smirked, scratching the scruff of the man’s beard with his fingertips. They kissed again as he possessively wrapped his legs around Derek’s muscular torso. Derek’s mouth traced down his jaw and neck, causing him to whimper sinful little noises. He panted in a hushed tone, “Normally I don’t do dates… but since your ass-eating game is on point, I guess I’ll make an exception.”

Derek smiled sincerely at the remark. “You’re so vulgar. I love it.”

"Says the guy who spent half last night with his tongue in my ass and the other half doing things to me I’m pretty sure you learned in the Kama Sutra," Stiles bantered in response without skipping a beat.

His lover only grinned proudly. “You’re welcome.”

The insatiable youth laughed as he leaned his head back, exposing his long, elegant throat that was covered in a rose tattoo and the hickeys Derek left from hours before. He sighed contently and stated, “Alright fine. Let’s go, but this place you’re taking me better have lots of coffee and you’re paying.”

Derek kissed his collarbone as he replied, “I can do that.”

"Good. Oh, and by the way, last night is kinda fuzzy. With the dancing and the drinks and… yeah, I’m sure you introduced yourself at some point but-"

"It’s Derek," he interrupted. "And I won’t hold it against you if you let me take a few more pics."

Stiles nodded. “Sure. Take as many as you want. I was actually hoping for a few intimate ones, if you know what I’m saying. That’d be kinda hot.”

Derek quirked his brow as a smirk graced his lips. “That can be arranged.”


derek’s hands/arms in 3.02

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What fairy tale character would you play?

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Scott awakens in a cave in the woods with Peter watching him. He flees, looking back over his shoulder (in parallel to a shirtless Derek fleeing the Hale house from Kate).

Peter follows in curiosity until Scott leaps over a garden fence between the Preserve and plunges immediately into a swimming pool where as he fights his way to the surface he hears the distorted command to “Let go.”

There are shots in this show where Peter scares me more than the entire film Jurassic Park when I was ten.

(Sweet fence of civilization!)

Let go.

(Scott is appalled by the insinuation. And, my mistake. None of the water in this town is safe.)

Judgmental committee of trees.

Wait. Wait. That’s just the director with a hose not supervising the camera operator.

Thanks to needing the shot after it, I realize that just before Scott is run over by the deer and loses his inhaler he hears a sound like a tree branch straining toward breaking and looks up into the empty branches for the source:

(Trees. Extremely overbearing.)


Following that, I definitely don’t think this is Peter speaking. (He speaks once in his full werewolf form, to Harris.) I’m left believing this is the Nemeton speaking to Scott through the groundwater/unconscious. (In fact, I’m positive.)

I’m facepalming myself because when I watched it, then watched it to get the recording, I didn’t notice the flag Scott looks up into the treetops for the speaker. (Only when I capped it.) 

Like usual, what does it mean? And let’s see how it lines up the other swimming pool scenes!

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posey + the ‘i-regret-saying-that’ head drop

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